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A blog dedicated to displaying my design and illustration work as well as discussing the current state of design and culture.

Dallas Mural

For those who are not aware, at the end of last year, my company merged two of their offices, and in December of 2017, we moved into a brand new space in Addison, TX. One of the great opportunities in the transition has been the chance to work on wall graphics for the new space, and I was tasked with designing a mural about Dallas for the reception area of our new office…

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Film Analysis

The first time I truly fell in love with film was as a pimply-faced teenager working at a Blockbuster starting in 2003. Perusing the aisles, while working there, I had access to hundreds of films I’d never even heard of. When a cover caught my eye, I’d take it home to watch later that night after my shift was done…

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