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Well, here it is guys, the first blog post on my website. To kick things off, I wanted to show off a piece I did late last year that allowed me to indulge in one of the staples of the designer's fantasy: designing an album cover.

With the FUTURALBUM project, fellow designer Troy DeShano posed a challenge: redesign one of your favorite music albums using only public domain imagery and the typeface Futura. Sounds fun, right? These are the types of passion projects that designers love to sink their teeth into. The parameters are open enough for them to play and experiment, but with enough constraints that staring at a blank piece of paper doesn't give them a full-on panic attack.

This was one of the few instances where the concept came to me early on in the process, clear and fully intact. Having chosen one of my all-time favorite albums, George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, I took inspiration from the original album art in which Harrison is shown, juxtaposed against four garden gnomes (a tongue-in-cheek reference to his previous bandmates). I wanted to do something similar that both acknowledged his relationship to the Beatles while simultaneously recognizing that he had moved on. A photo of ancient Greek columns with some graffiti thrown on there, some quietly placed text in Futura and boom, I had my tribute to a monumental piece of songwriting. 

If the fact that this piece was made last year is any indication, you can probably tell that I tend to put off sharing and talking about work. My goal is that with this blog, that will begin to change. Welcome to my website and take a look around. I hope you enjoy it.