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Presidential Seal Rebrand


A large part of what I do involves rebranding: updating a brand’s look and feel so it can better align with its mission and values. The side effect of this is I’m constantly seeing design out in the world and reimagining how that particular company or organization's branding could be better executed. 

One design I recently realized was woefully out of date was the Seal of the President of the United States, also known as the Coat of Arms of the President. Given that the same design for the presidential seal has been used since 1945, it seemed due for an update, so I took a shot at redesigning it in my free time. This newly conceived seal is more modern and in my opinion, more accurately reflects the values of this country’s most esteemed office. 

Given the President’s penchant for tweeting, the American eagle has been updated to the Twitter bird, a more appropriate fowl to represent the office. A bundle of golf clubs has replaced the thirteen arrows held in the eagle’s sinister talon, and is now clutched in its dexter. Upon the eagle’s breast, a television set lies in lieu of the traditional shield, and no longer does a white scroll proclaiming “E PLURIBUS UNUM” reside in his beak; instead, henceforth it displays snippets from the President's Twitter feed. Behind and above the eagle (AKA Twitter bird) the radiating glory Or is still present, but is overshadowed by the presence of a dark cloud.